Perfection is Imaginative

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Here I Lay


August 2011


Here I Lay.

Peaceful. Calm.

Allowing the gentle breeze

to destroy any stress

that I currently hold

in captivity.

Stars like an audience with lighters,

delicately light the orchid sky.

Mighty in presence,

tender waves roll up to shore,

small waves of aftershockreturn

back to sea.

My tension carried

right along with them.

Sounds of nature

creating a melody of


A piece paper

slowly dances past.

My thoughts of the office,

waltz with it

down the shoreline.

The sand beneath me

reacts to my body,

Sensitive like water;

adjusting to even

the slightest movement.

Birds sing harmoniously

in the distance,

the gentle breeze

softly singing background.

With the moon

As my spotlight,

and the beach as my stage,

it is my time.

My control. My choice…

Here, I Lay.


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Bedtime Worries

Free Verse


I watch the moon

take its place high in the sky.

My heart begins to race,

in fear of the festivities

the evening has in store for me.

As my mother takes away

the sun from my internal sky,

I hide under my blanket.


As the closing door

absorbs the remaining light

from the hall,

the moonlight lurks

through my bedroom window.

Giving a life like form

to surrounding objects.

I’m petrified.

Completely on edge.

Only a period of repose

can save me from

this conscious nightmare.

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Abandoned Friend


Written: August 2011

There it lays. Far beyond my window pane.

I have looked at it so many times. Wow!

So strong as it fought through the wind and rain

You won’t be the same you were back then. Just

before the rain, momma yelled my whole name

and then I ran in fear, I left you there.

From the window I watched, you soak in rain.

From the window I watched, so sad. Now here,

peeking from behind the screen door. I then

bust through the door, and run to you. Teddy!

“Here I come” I yelled, loud enough for my

mom to hear. Still, I ran to you. Ready

for whatever punishment I may receive.

Ahh! Now that we’re united I can breath.