Perfection is Imaginative

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Truly Super

Imitation: Langston Hughes

Written: August 2011

People stare and admire.

Take pictures and post flyers.

They scream and they shout

and parade all about.

Kids bask in the illusion

and reporters clear all confusion.

The public will dance and whirl.

Confetti is released and twirls.

Many cheers and clapping hands

for the one called superman.

But why?

What are you capable of that I’m not?

What can you make halt that I can’t stop?

Is it because you fly?

My mind soars through baby blue skies

with clouds of dreams and hopes.

A flock of birds. I don’t fly alone.

They say you’re strong…

Do you constantly face tears

erupting for the eyes of your offspring?

As they endure pains from deep within.

Checking on your finances,

expecting hundreds and finding tens.

I don’t receive mail in my box anymore.

Instead I receive threats,

bright colors on my door.

Brave are you?

A blanket of uncertainty

covered my yesterday

and covers my today!

I risk my life daily,

for the sake of my family.

I endure harsh looks and criticism,

from the members of my community.

I walk out my front door

everyday…ready for war.

Can you face these troubles

and be able to say,

that you’re able to walk around

with your head high every day?

And as I face these trials

like a magnet, you attract all attention.

Stealing the spotlight from those of us

who face a different kind of evil.

In any case,

I don’t need the media or fellow citizens

to confirm my heroic acts.

Because I know that I

am truly super.


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Beautiful, Beautiful Me

Free Verse

Written: Summer 2004

Some people may think I’m ugly.

Some People don’t like me.

One thing they do not realize,

is that I can only be me.

I do what makes me happy.

I do as I please.

I love to enjoy myself

I love being me.

If people don’t like me,

there is something they can’t see.

It’s not a physical thing,

it’s the beauty inside of me.

Regardless of what people think,

I am proud of what I see.

Because when I look in the mirror

I see a beautiful, beautiful me.

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Here I Stand


Written: August 2011

Alone, on a corner

I stand.


Businesses at rest.

A man hole exhales smoke.

Where do I go?

My stomach is livid.

My body is weak.

Hungry, I stand​.

Alone on a corner.

My teeth are getting restless

of their current living conditions.

Threatening to relocate.

My nose is attacked

by the odor of my own body.

Fingernails transport

bacteria and germs,

seeking new grounds to infect.

My hair reaching for the heavens.

Unkempt, I stand.

​Alone on a corner.

My body has been abused

by a fierce breeze

of a 13 degree winter’s night.

Tearing through my ragged shirt

and ripped jeans.

My cheeks have advanced

past your average red.

The skin on my lips

running in opposite directions.

My liquid pain

seeping through.

Battered, I stand​.

Alone on a corner.

Why did my mom

breathe the white powder?

Why did my father

show strength through a metal object?

Now living like a caged animal.

How could they?

My Providers.

On what foundation…

On whose backbone

can I lean on?

Abandoned, I stand.

​Alone on a corner

Now I’ve got to be strong

To survive in this world

with no help.

No Support.

No Love from anyone

but myself.

Independent, I stand.

​Alone on a corner.

It’s me, myself and I,

as my own provider.

Taking on responsibilities,

I wasn’t necessarily ready for.

To wealthy civilians,

I’m just another child on the street.

I may be young,

I may be alone,

But at this very moment,

I’m still standing!

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TV Stages of Development


Written: August 2011

“Ten! Ten apples in the basket, AH AH!” Too Funny.

Sesame Street continuously delivered againand again.

Their repitition provided deep

understanding of content that was shown

on their show. Muppet characters make you enjoy

their quality program. Looking forward…

“Go! Go! Power Rangers” Running forward,

fighting against Lord Zed! It is so funny

how much one remembers. Oh how I enjoyed,

and admired them. Here I am again

replaying episodes constantly shown,

years ago. My love for Zordon so deep.

“Mo to the — E to the…Moesha!” She dug deep,

touching the lives of many teens, forwarding

on positive messages. Examples shown

of tradition, moments both serious and funny,

successes, and struggles. With your ex again?

Why Moesha? What is it you enjoy?

Nigel, can be so mean sometimes. Just enjoy

the contestants talents. Take both hands, and dive deep

into the concept of each piece. Again,

another critique. Can we fast forward?

Maybe to another judge? Ah, Mary! She’s funny!

I love her scream. This is what needs to be shown!

“Hello Newman…”, so unenthusiastically shown

almost every week night. How does one enjoy

a show about, nothing really? Krammer is funny

though. Every issue Elaine faces is a deep

one. You can count on Krammer to be forward,

as well as make a fool of himself again and again.

All My Children! Chil’ I could watch these soaps again

and again. Every episode is so exciting, and they’re showin’

episodes on the web now! Being able to fast forward

through the commercials is a blessing. Now I just enjoy

the shows in forty minutes. The plot is so deep

sometimes, and other just too darn funny!

Time and time again I think about how much I enjoyed

the quality of programs shown, and just how deeply

connected they were in moving forward, serious and funny!

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Touch of Death

What was I thinking?

To believe that I could

trust someone so soon.

Allowing myself

to give my body

to someone I barely knew.

​What was I thinking?

That the satisfaction

of a sensual touch

was worth handing over

the rest of my life.

​What was I thinking?

Allowing a stranger

to walk through my home

and I don’t even know her name.

What was I thinking?

Allowing him to start a fire

that is still burning me today.

One night stands are

the exploration of the world

of sexuality

for a single night​.

What was I thinking?

I’m not too sure,

but what I know

is that I will remember that night

for the rest of my life;

for he left me with an eternal gift.

One that will never leave my side

One that will take my life

One from which I will die.

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Southern Comfort

Free Write

Written: 2010

The wood creeks

in three second intervals

As I rock

Back & forth.

Fields of wheat

dancing to the sound

sof the wind.

Flies run laps around the porch.

Bee’s collect sweet juices

for a brutal winter.


aside from the sounds of nature.

No sign of life for miles.

I sit here

with time for time.

Not a care in the world.

Not a single engagement

to attend.

It’s me, myself, and I

and I wouldn’t have it

any other way.