Perfection is Imaginative

TV Stages of Development

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Written: August 2011

“Ten! Ten apples in the basket, AH AH!” Too Funny.

Sesame Street continuously delivered againand again.

Their repitition provided deep

understanding of content that was shown

on their show. Muppet characters make you enjoy

their quality program. Looking forward…

“Go! Go! Power Rangers” Running forward,

fighting against Lord Zed! It is so funny

how much one remembers. Oh how I enjoyed,

and admired them. Here I am again

replaying episodes constantly shown,

years ago. My love for Zordon so deep.

“Mo to the — E to the…Moesha!” She dug deep,

touching the lives of many teens, forwarding

on positive messages. Examples shown

of tradition, moments both serious and funny,

successes, and struggles. With your ex again?

Why Moesha? What is it you enjoy?

Nigel, can be so mean sometimes. Just enjoy

the contestants talents. Take both hands, and dive deep

into the concept of each piece. Again,

another critique. Can we fast forward?

Maybe to another judge? Ah, Mary! She’s funny!

I love her scream. This is what needs to be shown!

“Hello Newman…”, so unenthusiastically shown

almost every week night. How does one enjoy

a show about, nothing really? Krammer is funny

though. Every issue Elaine faces is a deep

one. You can count on Krammer to be forward,

as well as make a fool of himself again and again.

All My Children! Chil’ I could watch these soaps again

and again. Every episode is so exciting, and they’re showin’

episodes on the web now! Being able to fast forward

through the commercials is a blessing. Now I just enjoy

the shows in forty minutes. The plot is so deep

sometimes, and other just too darn funny!

Time and time again I think about how much I enjoyed

the quality of programs shown, and just how deeply

connected they were in moving forward, serious and funny!


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