Perfection is Imaginative

Truly Super

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Imitation: Langston Hughes

Written: August 2011

People stare and admire.

Take pictures and post flyers.

They scream and they shout

and parade all about.

Kids bask in the illusion

and reporters clear all confusion.

The public will dance and whirl.

Confetti is released and twirls.

Many cheers and clapping hands

for the one called superman.

But why?

What are you capable of that I’m not?

What can you make halt that I can’t stop?

Is it because you fly?

My mind soars through baby blue skies

with clouds of dreams and hopes.

A flock of birds. I don’t fly alone.

They say you’re strong…

Do you constantly face tears

erupting for the eyes of your offspring?

As they endure pains from deep within.

Checking on your finances,

expecting hundreds and finding tens.

I don’t receive mail in my box anymore.

Instead I receive threats,

bright colors on my door.

Brave are you?

A blanket of uncertainty

covered my yesterday

and covers my today!

I risk my life daily,

for the sake of my family.

I endure harsh looks and criticism,

from the members of my community.

I walk out my front door

everyday…ready for war.

Can you face these troubles

and be able to say,

that you’re able to walk around

with your head high every day?

And as I face these trials

like a magnet, you attract all attention.

Stealing the spotlight from those of us

who face a different kind of evil.

In any case,

I don’t need the media or fellow citizens

to confirm my heroic acts.

Because I know that I

am truly super.


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