Perfection is Imaginative

Touch of Death

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What was I thinking?

To believe that I could

trust someone so soon.

Allowing myself

to give my body

to someone I barely knew.

​What was I thinking?

That the satisfaction

of a sensual touch

was worth handing over

the rest of my life.

​What was I thinking?

Allowing a stranger

to walk through my home

and I don’t even know her name.

What was I thinking?

Allowing him to start a fire

that is still burning me today.

One night stands are

the exploration of the world

of sexuality

for a single night​.

What was I thinking?

I’m not too sure,

but what I know

is that I will remember that night

for the rest of my life;

for he left me with an eternal gift.

One that will never leave my side

One that will take my life

One from which I will die.


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