Perfection is Imaginative

Here I Lay

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August 2011


Here I Lay.

Peaceful. Calm.

Allowing the gentle breeze

to destroy any stress

that I currently hold

in captivity.

Stars like an audience with lighters,

delicately light the orchid sky.

Mighty in presence,

tender waves roll up to shore,

small waves of aftershockreturn

back to sea.

My tension carried

right along with them.

Sounds of nature

creating a melody of


A piece paper

slowly dances past.

My thoughts of the office,

waltz with it

down the shoreline.

The sand beneath me

reacts to my body,

Sensitive like water;

adjusting to even

the slightest movement.

Birds sing harmoniously

in the distance,

the gentle breeze

softly singing background.

With the moon

As my spotlight,

and the beach as my stage,

it is my time.

My control. My choice…

Here, I Lay.


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